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Education can be fun is our motto. The Wishing Tree, from YieldMore.org is an initiative to bring enthusiasm,  inspiration and motivation to the classroom (or home instruction) and the formative years of a child.

We operate an FB Group titled “Curation, Learning, Creativity and Education”.

Our ultimate goal is the Wish Class – where you and the child work at making all your wishes come true 😉

For this to become possible, we introduce 2 concepts. 

PACT is the Education Forum consisting of Parents, Administrators, Children and Teachers (its full-form). It has a website on YieldMore Legacy and its own Google Group.

Joyland or the Community Center with its school flavour where a room (library, computer room etc) is used for it. It can have children from multiple classes or an entire class spend quality time working in small groups or individually on various activities, hobbies or projects.

To see how our efforts are shaping up, kindly refer to this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wjCEURirVrhS4ykMD22LvCAh0EewlNxN0sFVibQ123c/edit?usp=drivesdk

The Wishing Tree Master Document


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