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Jeevan Vidya

I found the following formula as answer to my question on salvation and bondage. “Human being becomes liberated from illusion upon becoming wise.” Now the question is – what is the way of becoming wise for a human being? I examined myself and found there is no cause of any bondage or illusion left in me. Then why not give rise to this state in everyone! What would happen if all human beings become liberated in this way? Then the vision that I had shared with you earlier would get realized – The Earth will become heaven, humans will become gods, dharma will prevail, and the good will arise always. The good shall become established in the form of living tradition in humankind forever. Thus I started examining myself whether I will be able to communicate all this knowledge? Do people have its need or not? This movement (of Jeevan Vidya) started after finding a firm ‘yes’ as answer to these two questions.

A Nagaraj


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