YieldMore.org is an online network for information, networking, encouragement and individual/social development run by friends and supporters of Imran. Each contributor gets to be part of a close knit team of ideators, content creators, coordinators, apprentice healers and future consultants.

We are starting a directory for professionals who can conduct programs and workshops for the fields of Wellness, Education, Employment. These can be trainers, healers and facilitators who can further our initiatives in these domains. We request an initial fee for this and expect a commission when a referral is made.

Q) What is our nature of work
Providing articles and information on individual and social development and maintaining a directory on which professionals can consult on the same.

Q) What are our services
- Online Information Portal
- Social Media Network and Online Promotion
- IT (Website) and Visual / Video Content Services

Q) What is our purpose
- To build a Content and Ideation Platform
- Provide Services to our Patrons

Q) Who are we?
Fronted by Imran with many years experience building IT Solutions, we have several wellwishers who are educators, trainers and media consultants.

Q) How does one get involved
Write to us / call us.

Q) What are our financials
- We refer consultants who may charge for their services.
- We offer personalized help for a nominal fee.
- Our events will have an entry fee
- We accept donations towards work done on our various initiatives and supply expense sheets for the same.
- We request you to support our supporters with #DirectDonations.

Q) How does a user / patron benefit
- As a patron, you derive some individual / group benefit from our information portal and the services of our consultants

Q) How does a visitor become a member?
Write to us, sharing your values, ambitions and availability and we will find a place for you in our supporter network.

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