Wishing Tree

Education can be fun is our motto. The Wishing Tree, from YieldMore.org is an initiative to bring enthusiasm,  inspiration and motivation to the classroom (or home instruction) and the formative years of a child. We operate an FB Group titled “Curation, Learning, Creativity and Education”. Our ultimate goal is the Read more…

Evolving Landscapes

In this series of interviews, research papers and articles, we set out to understand the spirit in which companies are started, what leaders do to create the perfect environment, what influences the outcomes of products, projects and team building exercises. To submit an article or fix an interview, contact us on Hangouts / Email at services@cselian.com

Please contact us to share your views on our work culture and publish articles on our #EvolvingLandscapes project Its objectives

1. Get Leaders and Managers to write their experiences and build a support network for brainstorming

2. Help Companies with services and team building tools and training and ultimately set up these processes in house

3 Cause employers to think of their work culture and how it impacts the quality of life of their employees

4 Catalyse the metamorphosis of companies as they collaborate with each other on social projects and share tips on how to best support their teams as they invert the management pyramid, making #EveryManATiger

5. Inspire employees to give their best and believe in the values and mission of where they work so they reach unbelievable levels of commitment.

Feel free to add your own questions, use the hashtag #EvolvingLandscapes wherever and we will find you



Affirmations form an important part of the healing process. See more from our legacy heal site esp Get Rhythm. In Jan 2019, I, Imran outlined my affirmations program. Systems Ayurveda (L) Yoga – Satyananda Yoga, Chennai Divine Life Society Unani (DMA) Siddha Homeopathy (KVC) Reiki Mudras Bach Flower Remedies (NMC) Read more…