I’m Imran, Chief Curator at YieldMore.org and Chief Engineer (think Boa) at cselian.com.

I began YM in 2013 and continue to whittle away with the idea. I hope you find it nearing viable and will join us as we try to bring it to critical mass!

To see what we put together from 2015 – 2019, see our legacy sitemap.

See the overview of our new avatar here.

Imran in 2012 in Auroville


I’ve written briefs about myself here (doc) and here (old YM about). Here are my work profile, cv, 2005 portfolio and pre 2013 blog.

My [old] prose can be found here (swan) along with mandate and charter. Recent 100-poem series inspire (swan + love). 101 – 150 is chaos. Fly Up is still in the works as Infused (101-200). Recent poems in this will be at InstaGram.

Prose you will find at Imran / Shasa and in Express.

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description: In this page, the creator of YieldMore.org - Imran Ali Namazi is introduced. For his entire webography, visit /imran/everything/
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