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Globalisation is the real cause of all the problems we face today.

Localisation is the actual solution! Local produce, local food, local livelihoods and local economy will save us from all the pain which we are all undergoing now.

Farming and farming based livelihoods should be developed so that rural community stays in rural areas happily and they don’t have to move to urban areas in search of better livelihood. Developing urban rural balance will bring some real difference in the quality of everyone’s life.

Globalisation accelerates climate change, creates conflicts and competition among individuals and countries, lead to all the unhappiness and inequality.  Connecting the problems in food, health, economy, environment and biodiversity, with the real cause ‘globalization’, we will be able to draw better solutions intact.  Such holistic solutions are the need of the hour.

What should we do?

We should introduce the sustainability component in existing projects and programs of established organizations, institutions and NGOs, to make their effort more fruitful.  Strategies should be formed to work on the real cause of the problems instead of the effects we see.

For instance,

If an NGO is working in Healthcare, we suggest them to focus more on preventive health care instead of supporting surgery cost.

If an organization is working in Education, we suggest them to focus on value education and traditional wisdom. If a tribal person gets a degree and move to urban area looking for a job, is it a good education? Climate change is real and its effects are increasing every day. We must include the idea of sustainability in all our efforts and plans to develop strategies which can be used for adapting the effects of climate change and mitigate further emissions.


  1. Inclusion of sustainability in all walks of life.
  2. Climate emergency will be given more focus among community, NGOs and Government departments.
  3. Access to Safe and nutritious food, affordable to all especially in schools, hospitals and public places.
  4. Farmer groups’ formation and Fair price to farmers produce ensuring their livelihood.
  5. Nurturing of rare trees and to develop nurseries to increase green cover.
  6. Implementation of Rainwater harvesting to keep up the ground water table.
  7. ‘Back to village’ community living models to move away from urban.
  8. Conservation of Traditional wisdom and skills in Agriculture, Healthcare, Lifestyle, Nature protection and sustainable wellbeing.
  9. ‘Planet Blue’, a Social enterprises forum will encourage more people to come into the sustainable development industry.
  10. Inculcate children that we are part of nature and make them understand the problems of consumerism.
  11. To make people work on the real cause of a problem instead of the effects we see.
  12. ‘Self reliance’, ‘Inherent ethics, ‘Self sufficiency’ is the mantra we promote. (தற்சார்பு, தன்னறம், தன்னிறைவு)


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