AuroSpaces was registered as a company by Imran in 2019 and for a period, offered these items to purchase. They can still be had from Imran

  1. Evolving Sunlight
  2. [ICBE] Immersive Curation Based Education Session
  3. Joy Chat Training
  4. Joyland Bootstrapping
  5. JSSW Naidu’s 50 Values
  6. Language and Communication
  7. Names of Lord Vishnu with English Meanings
  8. Sri Aurobindo’s Gita Translation
  9. Vasantha’s ThanQ Cards – Set of 25



  1. Jeevan Ka Rahasyam
  2. Marvellous Heroes United
  3. Heart Race
  4. Joy Chat
  5. Love Thy Neighbour
  6. Save Writing Paper
  7. Save Paper Petition
  8. AYUSH Networks
  9. Booklets in Stores – Life is Beautiful Series
  10. Joy Baskets


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