To demonstrate in unison that their homes do not provide refuge to any terrorist or violent element.

The festival involves a symphony by use of musical instruments, i.e.
conchs, bells, drums, trumpets, etc, by people in unison. In housing
societies, people can congregate and just clap together for two minutes
following some kind of an address on nationalism as the theme. To
provide a charged ambience, people may go through banners displaying
innovative ideas, make human chains, or have musical events on
nationalism as the theme in their respective areas in the run-up to the
moment of celebration i.e., 10 AM.

Just two minutes in unison starting at 10 AM sharp

This will be the first major significant movement in India involving
demonstration of our fundamental duties. Through this festival, a mass
contempt would be unleashed against violence of any form.

No cost

It is a pilot programme in Delhi, a mini-India, where people are drawn
from various parts of the country. It has a potpourri culture. People of
Delhi do understand better the threat of terrorism. The capital city is
a favourite target for terrorists and anti-national elements because
they get undue media attention. Anti-national and terrorist elements are
very few in number. They need to be quarantined. Delhi has to be
sanitised. All that the people need to do is to join this symphony at
the fixed time from their respective homes by creating a symphony with
use of any instrument. We wish this programme should be repeated in the
whole country on the occasion of Constitution Day on 26 November 2017.
If that happens, it could be a world model action point against

People are advised not to hit the roads with this kind of idea as it
is likely to cause noise pollution and traffic problems. This is, in
fact, a citizenry consciousness activity as preserving peace, unity and
integrity is a duty cast upon us by our Constitution.