Vision & Mission:

Build India Group (BIG), a Delhi-based civil society, focuses on building citizenry consciousness across the country with Article 51 A of the constitution dealing with fundamental duties as its foundation. It has a target to involve 30 crore school students and their parents in the exercise on a single day i.e. November 26 every year.

The organisation has proffered a very simple exercise, i.e. integrity building exercise, through a pledge drafted in 15 languages with uniformity in contents for promoting citizenry consciousness among the students across the country on an occasion called national pledge festival day celebrated on the third Saturday of January every year. Many institutions have undertaken this exercise as per their convenient dates. Now it is being celebrated on November 26.

The significance of November 26 is that on this day in 1949, the status of 35 crore people got transformed from being subjects in their respective kingdoms to that of sovereign owners of this country.

While the organisation is now concentrating on citizenry building exercise, its main aim is to working towards making an institution of politics with the sole aim that every individual will get nutritious food, health care, education and employment in his own milieu with dignity.

The Pledge:

The pledge in English reads, “We the people of India today do solemnly pledge ourselves to the service of our nation; with honesty, sincerity and commitment always keeping our nation’s interest paramount in all that we think do or say for the greater glory of this land”. The exercise also includes students giving a written commitment in their mother tongues that, “we reject violence, we promise to keep our environment clean and tidy and we promise to be good citizens”.

Pledge drafted in 17 languages i.e. Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Odia, Telgu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Manipuri, Santhali and Kashmiri besides that of English are already in circulation across the country.