Wishing Tree

Education can be fun is our motto. The Wishing Tree, from YieldMore.org is an initiative to bring enthusiasm,  inspiration and motivation to the classroom (or home instruction) and the formative years of a child. We operate an FB Group titled “Curation, Learning, Creativity and Education”. Our ultimate goal is the Read more…

Vibha Sethi

A Healer and Educator and mother of two fine sons who are just beginning their careers, Vibha Sethi has the simple goal of helping people “achieve holistic wellness. She works in four main areas: पुनर् निर्मा – Rejuvenate your body अत्म अलोचन्  – Awareness of Inner Self नीर – Importance Read more…


This form can be downloaded and maintained for one year after which the individual becomes an Ambassador and can conduct the program by themselves. Loading…


YieldMore.org is an online network for information, networking, encouragement and individual/social development run by friends and supporters of Imran. Each contributor gets to be part of a close knit team of ideators, content creators, coordinators, apprentice healers and future consultants.

We are starting a directory for professionals who can conduct programs and workshops for the fields of Wellness, Education, Employment. These can be trainers, healers and facilitators who can further our initiatives in these domains. We request an initial fee for this and expect a commission when a referral is made.

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Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is venerated not because its another storybook / book of rules, but as a treatise on metaphysics. Sri Aurobindo‘s Essays on the Gita along with the English Translation booklet has been published here. Our booklet can be had from samatabooks.in along with their version by Sri Shankaracharya. Read more…

Metaphysics Of Quality

The Metaphysics of Quality, first propounded by the late author Robert M Pirsig has a page at the legacy site. For more details in a modern context, see the UBC Site with Rasunah Marsden’s thesis: “The world pattern of process“.