About our Journals

Join a wave of the future!

Volunteer for a cause towards sharing knowledge, teaching children or skilling the workforce. This vertical simply called Learn has the journal Sunlight and includes a focus on Special Needs children and adults as well as life coaching.

Learn of the subtler laws that manifest in better health of body, mind and soul as you discover programs for yourself, train in alternative healing practices and programmes. Our school for positive thinking has many adherents and Medico features the work or all Healers and sundry. The journal is Serenity.

Heal the world as the thousands of loving movements do. These are not-for-profits and forward thinking businesses changing slowly and patiently the very fabric of society. Enliven and enjoin a social cause as do these many #MovementsInUnison. The journal Symphony tells their story.

That sums up our 3 channels Learn Heal and Share. The full progression includes Express Love Build and finally YieldMore.

Begun in 2013 as a hobbyist blog by Imran Ali Namazi and a wordpress customization called biblios to publish books and other literary works, today YieldMore.org is on the threshold of the world, just where it was meant to be.