See our charges exists to catalyse growth and bonding. We purport to run community centers, network parents and teachers and help companies create a vibrant atmosphere. We also run an information bureau and promote various ideas, programs and people. Contact Imran at +919841223313 or write to us.

Roles, Charges and Budget

We need about 50k per month to break even. This is to pay 4 core team members a stipend of 10k each and another 10k for expenses and online promotions. Thats an annual figure of 6lakhs which can be raised if we achieve these targets.

What Target Charge Total Role / Description
Members 20 6k pa 1,20,000 A member is part of the team. They are given work to do on the various initiatives including the information bureau.
Patrons 50 1.8k pa 80,000 A patron likes the content we put out and believes in supporting our cause.
Consultants / Centres 20 8k pa 1,60,000 A consultants work is promoted on our network. He/she additionally pays us a commission when he is referred.
PACT 20 8k pa 1,60,000 Subscription to our Education forum is by Institution / Prominent Educator
Wish Class 150 .3k 45,000 Adjusted by student / facilitator count such that each facilitator gets Rs 800 - 1500 per hour and a commission to YieldMore of Rs 300 per class
Consulting 300 Rs 50 15,000 Averaged at Rs 500 per consulting @ 10%
Joyland Entry 1000 Rs 20 per entry 20,000 A visitor pays 1000 for 6 tokens of Rs 150 each and can browse the center for 3 hours. The center pays YM 20 per visitor.